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Hide Users from Picklists

July 2023

If you have users in assigned to picklists that you don't want listed, but you can't remove their portfolio access, such as the BOE Admin account, we have now built in the solution.

You can now hide a user from picklists without removing their portfolio access.

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Customisable Map Pins

June 2023

We are putting control back in the hands of the users and wherever a datapoint is represented by a map pin you can choose your own colours and icons, even for default values.

Choose any colour from the standard 16.7 million range and there are no less than 1342 different icons to choose from too.

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Upcoming Ticket Notifications

June 2023

Our notifications system has been expanded so that alongside upcoming Events and Compliance notifications, you can receive a notification for an upcoming Ticket target date.

Please read the full blog post for instructions on how to set up upcoming calendar notifications.

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Why use Property Management Software?

April 2023

Managing properties comes with an endless list of responsibilities, and as a property manager, it can be challenging to keep up.

That's where property management software like WebTerrier comes in. This can help you save time, reduce costs, and provide better customer service.

Why use Property Management Software?

London PropTech Show 2023 - Review

February 2023

The London PropTech Show 2023 is a new event on the calendar that we are sure will be repeated for many years to come.

The show aims to become the most important gathering for global proptech professionals to help capitalise on the massive new opportunities the sector has to offer.

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London PropTech Show 2023

February 2023

WebTerrier are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the hugely popular London PropTech Show, which brings together the global PropTech industry.

Located at stand E20, our team will be there showcasing our revolutionary commercial property management software and can provide free demos on how WebTerrier can transform the performance of your property portfolio.

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Immediate Email Notifications for Data Changes

February 2023

Our comprehensive notification system has had an update, with it now being possible to receive immediate email alerts for data changes you need to stay alert to within WebTerrier. Whether it's when someone assigns you to a ticket, adds a new tenancy to the system or if you're data obsessed it could be every change in the system, you can now receive an email as soon as it happens rather than the previous options of daily or every Monday.

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Better Reporting of Custom Fields

January 2023

WebTerrier has featured Custom Fields for a few years now, allowing users to define field names and types (text, monetary, checkbox) against properties, tenancies, events and more within the system.

At the end of 2022 we extended that functionality to allow much better reporting of Custom Fields.

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Getting Started With WebTerrier?

June 2021

Once you’ve been set up on the WebTerrier system, finding your way around, adding new properties and leases or generating a tenancy schedule is intuitively simple.

How to get started with WebTerrier

Was your asset management software designed for asset managers, or accountants?

April 2021

Cordatus’ CEO Tom Laidlaw calls it the “best system for asset management” he had ever seen. Discover WebTerrier, property asset management software for the bigger picture.

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