Compliance and PPM

Date Posted: July 2024

Configuring your compliance and PPM obligations

Effectively managing compliance and PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) is crucial for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and legal compliance of your property operations. WebTerrier offers a versatile Compliance module designed to simplify tracking and management of these obligations.

Begin by configuring a personalized list of compliance types and categories tailored to your specific requirements. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, our flexible approach allows you to customize descriptions and recurrence frequencies, facilitating ongoing management. This adaptable configuration also extends seamlessly to PPM oversight.

Discover how WebTerrier can streamline your compliance and PPM processes for enhanced operational control and peace of mind.

Setting up compliance types
Compliance types can have individual recurring frequencies and be grouped into categories.

Managing your compliance going forward

WebTerriers' compliance and PPM items can be effortlessly linked to entire buildings or specific tenancies, and assigned to individual users. Our system notifies users via both in-system alerts and email, ensuring they stay informed about new assignments promptly.

Items' statuses are automatically updated by the system from "OK" to "Pending" or "Overdue" based on their next due dates.

Stay on top of your compliance and PPM obligations with WebTerriers' robust notification system. Users can personalize their notification preferences to receive alerts tailored to their preferred timescales, ensuring they never miss a deadline.

A compliance record in WebTerrier
Compliance items can be assigned to individual users and automatically change status.

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