Getting Started With WebTerrier

Date posted: June 2021

Getting Started With WebTerrier

IT solutions are regularly described as ‘intuitive’ when in reality they’re anything but. That’s why we’ve made sure our commercial property management software really is user friendly.

Once you’ve been set up on the WebTerrier system, finding your way around, adding new properties and leases or generating a tenancy schedule is intuitively simple. For any ‘how do I…?’-related questions, there’s a friendly manual and even friendlier email or phone support available.

But all of the above is the sort of thing you might be doing on day 2 of your time with WebTerrier. Before then, on day 1, there’s the task of setting you up on the system and getting to grips with the basics, a process that every business might be forgiven for approaching with some trepidation based on IT experiences of the past. Happily, it’s a process that really is as simple as we promise.

Adding new users

Getting started with WebTerrier

  1. Preparing your data

    The vast majority of clients start with an existing Excel schedule of data, but the information contained within will vary from business to business. We’ll help you get the data into an uploadable format that will enable you to manipulate and interrogate it in WebTerrier.

  2. Personalising your WebTerrier for day 1

    WebTerrier has a huge range of modules you could take advantage of, but we aim to give every client a usable system by the end of day 1, and that means getting to grips with the most relevant modules first before attempting to run with a more elaborate setup. We’ll agree those modules with you.

    As a commercial landlord, for example, you may feel the asset plans tool is an immediate requirement, but compliance reporting or the document repository might be something to get to grips with once you feel comfortable with the essentials. Similarly, an occupier who only has leasehold properties can turn off many of the freehold related screens – but if things change in the future, turning those or any other ‘phase 2’ tools back on is just a matter of a few clicks.

  3. Setting up your account

    We’ll set up the initial user accounts you need and show you how to add new ones going forward.

    Adding new users
  4. Training

    An hour or two of training is usually enough to get people comfortable with the core system, although you can always ask for more. Because your core system will be tailored to you the training will be tailored too, but there will be some elements common to every session including:
    • Navigation
    • Basic system layout
    • Exporting to Excel
    • Email alert setup

    As you switch on new modules, you can ask for ad hoc training via email, phone or shared screen support. It’s a fluid, two-way process that ensures you can get the help you need, when you need it, in a way that works for you.

    As a result, most users feel sufficiently comfortable and confident with the property management tool that they will ask us for help only once in a blue moon. Others need a little extra reassurance that they are doing things correctly and may ask for advice a few times each month. We’re always happy to help, and the feedback we receive when we are asked for help is extremely positive.

  5. Feeling intuitive

    Every new IT system feels unfamiliar and perhaps a little daunting at first. In our experience, clients begin to overcome that feeling with WebTerrier by the end of day 1. The more time they spend with it, the more comfortable they feel – and using our commercial property management software really does feel intuitive in only a few days.

    Adding to the feeling of comfort is a dedicated support email address which is seen by all the core WebTerrier team including our developers. Hit an issue or snag and one email will ensure we’re all immediately aware of it. Not only does that mean your issues are resolved fast – it also aids us in continually improving the system.

Make more of your commercial property management. To get started with WebTerrier, talk to us on 01603 293 001.