Hide Users From Picklists

Date Posted: July 2023

Hide Users From Picklists

You may have thought to yourself before: why is this BOE account or other external user appearing as an assignable user to this event? They need portfolio access but will never be assigned to anything...

An unwanted user showing in a picklist

At least one of our clients raised this with us, so we've now built in the functionality to hide a user from picklists whilst maintaining portfolio access for them.

When opening a user record from System Admin > Users, in the Portfolios section you'll see a checkbox against each portfolio which will hide them from picklists.

The checkbox to hide a user from picklists in a portfolio

Now you can keep the assignable picklists trimmed down to the correct users, without worrying about revoking portfolio access for someone who needs it.

The unwanted user no longer appears in the picklist