Save your searches for fast, repeatable reporting

Date Posted: June 2024

Saved Searches

WebTerrier's reporting capabilities and features are what makes it so easy to obtain the exact information you need when you need it. Saved Searches takes it one step further. With Saved Searches, you're able to save your filter options, your report layout, and your table options all together. Much like the bespoke reports, you can also name the Saved Searches and share them with other users in your team, allowing for fast, repeatable and easy reporting throughout.

Saving a search

Saving a search is effortless. Simply select the filters you want, the table options you use, and the report layout required. Then all that's left to do is save! Clicking the dropdown next to the Search Button will bring up your library of Saved Searches, with the options to delete existing or add new. Adding a new Saved Search will present a popup indicating all the filters used for the search. WebTerrier also remembers defined date ranges, or selected date-range buttons so you'll always have the correct period.

Rent Review Results for the next 12m
Using the filters on the Diary Search, we are able to generate a report for Offices with uncompleted
Rent Reviews that are outstanding, and then any up to 12 months in the future.
Filters used for rent review saved search
Saved Search popup includes all the details of the filters used for the search.

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