Upcoming Tickets Notifications

Date Posted: June 2023

Upcoming Ticket Notifications

Our flexible notifications system has been expanded with the ability to now receive a notification for an upcoming Ticket target date. Simply go to User Settings > Notification Settings, click "Add New Upcoming Notification" and change the "Notified For" to Tickets, then customise the other options as you would for Events or Compliance.

Upcoming Calendar Notifications setup showing Tickets

Within the "Specifically" dropdown you can choose All Tickets, tickets assigned to yourself or tickets of specific types.

If you tick Send Email, you'll receive an email at 7am on the relevant day. Below is an example of a ticket with a target date on 5th August which would be sent out on 5th July if setup for 1 months of notice.

Example email of an upcoming ticket notification

Additionally, if you know that multiple people in your organisation will want the same notification settings, a Portfolio Admin can copy settings between users.

Notification copy area for portfolio admins

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