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F.Hinds and WebTerrier: Streamlining property management in retail

F.Hinds is a renowned UK-based retail jeweller established in 1856 which operates proudly under F.Hinds and Chapelle brands. With 128 thriving branches throughout the UK, we are committed to blending unrivalled quality with exquisite designs. You can learn more about our Legacy here.

The challenge

We found ourselves in a situation when our previous property/lease management system, Lease Manager, was no longer supported. With no master password to upgrade it from Windows 95, our property database was stagnating and a lack of updates and need for a more occupier-friendly tool compelled us to look for a new system.

Enter WebTerrier

WebTerrier entered the scene with their existing landlord-centric database. Keen to pivot towards an 'occupier-friendly' solution, WebTerrier reached out for our insights. Our collaboration marked an opportunity to include the changes and enhancements that would be beneficial to ensure it matched our ways of working.

Assessing impact

WebTerrier offers a practical, workable solution at an affordable annual cost, eliminating the burden of sizeable upfront expenses. While our previous database was virtually cost-free, WebTerrier brought to the table potent benefits: an upgraded, occupier-friendly database moulded to meet the requirements of retail occupiers.

In conclusion, our collaboration with WebTerrier didn't just replace an outdated system; it led to a more functional, industry-specific property database solution. While it didn't drive financial savings per se, it offered improvements in functionality, adaptability , and user experience, which are invaluable to the growth and development of our property management operations. For retail businesses grappling with data management challenges, we'd highly recommend taking a leaf out of our book and explore partnership opportunities with WebTerrier.

Neil Hinds