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UK Land and WebTerrier: A seamless partnership in property management

UK Land Limited and its subsidiaries own properties across all sectors throughout the UK, we specialise in acquiring, developing, and enhancing properties, balancing a diverse portfolio.


Prior to our collaboration with WebTerrier, we didn’t have a portfolio management solution in place. We used Excel to create a tenancy schedule and our properties were listed on our accounting software. This meant that our tenancy schedule was messy, without the ability to accurately track key dates and deadlines, and could easily mean crucial pieces of information were overlooked.

Why WebTerrier?

WebTerrier offered a solution to the issues we were facing: a space to store documents efficiently, schedule crucial events, and include relevant contacts. We also found their receptivity and readiness to address our needs has really helped streamlined our processes.

The WebTerrier impact

Endeavouring to populate WebTerrier with documents concerning our extensive portfolio is a formidable task, yet a rewarding one! The task's completion is still under progress, but even at this stage, we witness efficiency seeping in. The team can access documents for properties and leases more effectively than ever before. An added benefit is the reduced storage requirement on our server, as there isn't a need to duplicate files - certainly, a silver lining contributing to a more organised and efficient digital climate.

Our partnership with WebTerrier has certainly changed the way we manage our portfolio. While the system has drastically simplified our work, the improvement journey continues. We look forward to enhancing our operations further, with WebTerrier as a key. It's not just another property management software; it's a means to streamlining and revolutionising operations.

Suzanne Vesey-Thompson
Operations Manager